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Tips for Moms and Other Smart Event Planners:

1. Entertainment should always be the first activity of the party. Tell your guests to arrive half an hour to an hour before the scheduled start time of the show, so the entertainment can begin promptly without anyone missing out on the fun.

2. So you're hiring an entertainer--for an hour. What should you do for the rest of the party? Don't feel rushed to cram in all activities at once. If you serve food before during the show, it's inevitable that someone will miss out. Having another activity open during the show creates conflict. Serving food after the show creates an activity for the children to do next, as does opening presents, visiting with Santa, or jumping in the moon bounce. By designating a time for everything your guests can relax and enjoy the party.

3. Limit distractions. This is a live show in your home, not an episode you can pause on TV. All toys and pets should be in another room for the party. If you are doing a craft after the entertainment has left, you can set it up beforehand in another room or cover the table so little hands can't get to it.

4. Don't take risks! Parties outside can be lovely. However, your entertainment should always be inside. Noisy neighbors, a noisy street, bugs, weather, whatever, can easily distract the audience and create an unpleasant environment. Most entertainers who have been performing professionally refuse to perform outside. Be wary of anyone who agrees to do so--it may be a sign they are inexperienced.

5. Remember ALL of your guests. If you've hired an entertainer, you will get more bang for your buck if they are able to entertain everyone. Look for a family entertainer instead of a children's entertainer. By hiring someone who can keep all ages engaged you'll have a better party and more happy memories.

6. Adults should be encouraged to participate--they'll enjoy watching the children have fun and they'll enjoy the show, too! Make sure to close down food and other activities for the adults, as well, and if there will be adult guests who need to talk during the party, make sure you provide another room for them. An entertainer is not an expensive babysitter, and they cannot be left in the room without other adults present.

7. We want to make life easier for you, make sure the party runs smoothly, and make sure your guests, and the guest of honor, have a great time. When you've hired Jay the Magician, feel free to ask him any questions about the party. From "where's the best place for you to perform?" to "how can we make sure the birthday child's siblings feel special at the party?" we will patiently talk you through the event, coordinate with the venues, vendors, DJs, or other entertainers you've hired to make sure the day is wonderful.

8. Remember to book your entertainer in advance. 4-6 weeks is standard. Keep in mind corporate clients and organizations book much farther in advance, particularly around holidays.

9. Make sure you understand booking and payment policies. It's okay to ask questions. By ensuring you've secured the date and paid for the entertainment, you have one less thing to worry about.

10. Have fun! Choosing quality over quantity will ensure you have a stress-free and memorable party. With less to worry about, even the host can have a great time!

At a Jay the Magician birthday party, your child is the star of the show making the magic happen in their own hands!
Jay is an award-winning magician with over thirty years of experience entertaining families in homes, schools, restaurants, and corporate settings.